Play Marvel Slot Jackpots

Marvel Slot games on Windows Casino has been popular with players because of the graphics and features that the games offer and also because the slots comes with access to the Marvel Progressive Slots jackpot.

The Marvel Progressive Slots jackpot is a random jackpot which means that it can be triggered randomly while playing a game. Marvel Slot games consist of super hero favourites like The Incredible Hulk and Fantastic Four with modern day heroes well represented by Blade and Elektra. All slot games have access to the Progressive Jackpot.

There are 4 different jackpots on the game. The Power, Extra Power, the Superpower and Ultimate Power jackpots.

Each of the them comes with its own jackpot amount. Even on a spin where you have won nothing on the actual spin. Once you have entered the Jackpot game you can win any one of the 4 different progressive jackpots above.

The Ultimate Power Jackpot is the biggestof the jackpots that everyone wants to win. Marvel Slot games are available in both the download and Flash versions of our preferred partner Casino.

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